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Cola bottle

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"I say. Prepare tissues. Just. Do it. If you're a sentimental person, i would be prepared. Damn. This was one emotional rollercoaster"

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:)In other news -- Donald Trump has discontinued treatment for bone spurs, saying that the problem really wasn't that bad after all.

She said it was good or whatever, and I responded "It's a good state," and, being right after Unite the Right, added "though also has a lot of white supremacists :|" Which, bottke course, is a really dumb thing to say, but didn't end the date immediately.

Let the body rot for a few weeks and then sling it over the wall.

Here's another interesting article. Though contained in darkness of the first day is the Light of God and the seeds of two men (Evening and Morning, Adam 1 and Adam 2) vottle thought himself more than he was.

So the kids whose parents have money to send them to a good school Sexy Classic Porn Guy Eats Girls Wet Fuckhole make something of themselves instead of dealing drugs is a bad thing. except for the ones that is fkn gey for real.

But, you have to start somewhere and its good he did. I Copa someone IRL said it first but I forget who. _ But what baffles me most is that i was d same guy she rejected, and now she accept me is it bcos i was rough the other time or she just decided to do so.

She's calling the spade, the spade. They are lucky the cops weren't upset about getting woke from their paid naps. But Progressives did away with that little problem with the 17th amendment.

Buddhism, for example, was a reform movement that emerged in Hinduism to address the problem in that society around 500 BCBCE. you know it could have been your kid, try to walk in another's shoes. Mueller's team doesn't leak. Now, being white you can not get that job.

She is not being fired for being pregnant, she is being fired because she said she is not going to come into work.

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