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"I bet this is their gym:"

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the letter to a group of churches by some bishop (whose name escapes me) pretty much matched what we now have. Yes, liberals may talk out of one side of their mouth lying and truthful from the other BUT they may be lying out of both sides of their mouths as they often do but rarely does anyone speak truthful from both sides which would gainsay the two faced image or the metaphor.

The long game looks good to me.

And not Lesbian panty sniffing masturbation stories for a week.

A Big Black Hole. I kinda think we're there now. I'll give it a shot as long as it's not on during one of my other shows. Check out "Fallen Angels" by Timothy Wyllie.

(Sorry, I should be caffeinated before logging in. Which series is that. "Something Sergeant Vimes had learned as a young guard drifted up from memory. What sad times that someone gets sacked and abused for doing their job.

Hey. Short of his more aggressive ideas, though, he too was frank, and extremely clear in what he said, and I agree with most of it. If your mouth and mind gets perfectly still - no thoughts- one might sense gentle touches of a divine whispering.

The after Nina reminds me of my friends pet dog.

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    What a farce this presidency is.

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    Hey what's up. Just got back.

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    Bad for nina, good for science

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