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(Sorry, I should be caffeinated before logging in. At that age I would wonder why anyone would fight it to begin with. Ah yes, selective outrage, the sine qua non of the Left.

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  1. Kajirn6 months ago

    I do confess every day many times per day, but NOT how you would. But lying is YOUR forte, not mine.

  2. Знакомства
    Yogor6 months ago

    I've heard rumors that Trump might pardon Manafort.

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    Tojataxe6 months ago

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    Faull5 months ago

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    Fegrel5 months ago

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  6. Julmaran
    Julmaran5 months ago

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  8. Faell
    Faell4 months ago

    Madan no Ou to Vanadis

  9. Kezuru
    Kezuru4 months ago

    Someone should throw him into a cage..*barks viciously*

  10. Shaktim
    Shaktim4 months ago

    Omg it grinds my gears. Lol like bish shut up nobody asked you to be Negritadamus the Spiritual Guide. You’re still in debt like everyone else stfu.

  11. Voodoozshura
    Voodoozshura4 months ago

    I'm easy, I'm sure I heard that somewhere.......😁

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    Grogrel3 months ago

    Flip that Pecker!

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